News & Events

News & Events

Tasting Room Coming Soon

Burtech Family Vineyard is excited to announce that we are working with the city of Encinitas to secure permits to begin construction on a tasting room, coming to you in 2022!

First Vintages In Bottle

Dominic, James, Maile and Dom traveled to Napa this December to oversee the bottling of our first five offerings—653 cases in total! Click over to our shop to be among the first to discover the fine wines from Burtech Family Vineyard.

Wine Clubs Launched

Join the family as a member of one of our Burtech Family Vineyard Wine Clubs! As part of the family, you’ll enjoy two (2) bottles every month, a 15% discount on all purchases and exclusive access to a complimentary vineyard tour.

Vineyard Tours Now Available!

Offered to our wine club members on Saturdays & Sundays

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2021 Beach And Country Guild’s
“Regale In The Ranch” Benefit

Why Do You Like Wine?

It’s no surprise that all of us at the vineyard love to talk about wine. Anytime we get the chance to talk with fellow wine enthusiasts, we like to ask “Why do you like wine?” Some people wax poetic about terroir and wine’s ability to transport the drinker to a specific place and time, others cite the joys of toasting special occasions with family and friends, and a few straight shooters tell us that they like wine simply because it tastes good!
There’s no denying the truth of these answers—on it’s own, or paired with a favorite meal, wine offers sensory delights and lends a celebratory flair to gatherings with loved ones. Wine affords deep pleasure, and here at Burtech Family Vineyard, we take pleasure seriously.